European Youth Press Card

The press card for young european journalists.


The European Youth Press Card (EYPC) is a service from European Youth Press organisations for their own members. It facilitates the access to information and press accreditation for important media events like press conferences or festivals. Young Europeans all over Europe can perform their journalistic work in other European countries with only one press card: The EYPC is printed on the front side of the card and the reverse side can be used for a national press card design from the member organisation.

Young journalists aged 14 to 27 (print, online, photography, TV, radio) can apply for the EYPC. They have to submit at least two copies of their work published within the last 6 months of their application (e.g. printed newspaper articles with their name on it, URL of a journalist blog, mp3 of a broadcast, etc.). This requirement guarantees the honesty and professionalism of the journalistic work. The member organisations have to check the application and decide whether to grant it or reject it.

The EYPC is valid for a calendar year (e.g. in 2013 or 2014). Promoters and other institutions can check the validity and authenticity of a European Youth Press Card by scanning the QR code or entering the card id number below.